Larry and Ruth Did It on New Years Eve in 1969!!! Come on now?? Got Married!! Can you tell which pic was taken in 1969??



HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO LARRY AND RUTH FROM ALL SHUFFLERS!! If you want an example of a couple who do a Great Deal for Shuffleboard, you need look no further than Larry and Ruth Brown!!  Pic on the right was taken on their wedding night in 1969, Dec 31st.  Now; can you guess why The Browns would choose Dec 31st???  The pix on your left (click on either to expand) is typical; Larry and Ruth in support of Shuffleboard!! I said this in another article: ” They have sold so many T-Shirts in support of Shuffleboard that UPS is thinking of assigning one delivery vehicle exclusively for their use. :)  :)  :)

See those Red Jackets the Browns are sporting > you only receive one when/if, your are inducted into the CD FSA Hall of Fame!!   Ruthie also has a White Jacket; to be taken to that story, click: (One of my better pic!!) Same article tells you about earning that Magic 200th Point!!

I am now going to suggest to you that you enter the word Brown into the search rectangle and hit search.  You will find some great stories about Larry and Ruth.

Stan McCormack.  2013 12 31

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