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33rd ISA: We Give You UN Team Captains, GiGi and Rocky Briggs!!

It has just been announced that GiGi and Rocky Briggs will be the UN Team Captains for the 33rd ISA World Championship Event in Midland, Ontario! This selection is made by the ISA President and reflects favourably on those chosen.  … Continue reading

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ISA President Zellner Will Place Poland’s Request for Membership Before the Board!! AND Invites them to Compete in Midland!!

President responds to Poland’s Request: Dear Ewa and Malgorzata:   It is indeed a wonderful notice that you send! Mr. and Mrs. Hussmann are outstanding Diplomats for both the International Shuffleboard Association and their own German Shuffleboard Association. * I personally … Continue reading

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Sochi IX: Russian President Igor Ekert!!

Regular readers will know that I have been re-posting articles originally written during the Russian Inaugural in May of 2011 which saw 40 North American Shufflers and 12 German Shufflers participate in the European Open. Igor Ekert was the Russian … Continue reading

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Ontario Has New Policies/Legislation With Respect to Driver License Renewal!!! But, Only for 80 Year Olds!!

Before I give you the link to the Announced Change for Ontario Drivers reaching the age of 80, I thought you might like to read this. Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the accumulation of changes in a … Continue reading

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Changes in “The Works” for Length of Stay in the USA for Canadians

To read the UNOFFICIAL progress report on the  Canadian Retiree Visa, click here: Canadian Retiree Visa would permit 8-month stay in the USA with certain conditions.  The CSA President,  announced to-day at the CSA Snowbird Extravaganza in Lakeland, FL … Continue reading

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Sochi VIII: Everything Else Was Leading Up To This!!! I mean it!!!

I believe this single photograph, above, captures the richness and the wonder of our Windup Banquet in Sochi following one full week of exploring the future site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and capping that week with 2 full days … Continue reading

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Snowbird Extravaganza > Tuesday and Wednesday; Jan 28th & Jan 29th, Lakeland, FL

Hi Shufflers!  If you are reading this in Arizona, Texas, California, or even Australia, it is unlikely that you will make the trip to Lakeland, FL for the CSA (Canadian Snowbird Association)!!!!  Having said that, the Snowbird Extravaganza year after … Continue reading

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