Sochi 12: Great Shots of Sochi!! The End Product!!

Jim Allen Speaks: What a BEAUTIFUL presentation of Sochi that Myrna has sent along. 
Beth and I have talked frequently this past week how we are so  glad we had the opportunity to visit and tour this city. 
Stan speaks: Jim has been able to convert a fantastic slide show sent along by the daughter of Rendall and Myrna Bilton.  The Show is of the “finished product” of Sochi, the results of billions of dollars spent to prepare for the Olympics!!
It does not allow the person to  advance each picture — therefore it takes longer to watch….but heck it is Sunday!  Take your time and enjoy the Show!!
Watching the Games these next 2 weeks will have even more  meaning to those of us who attended the Sochi European Open  Tournament.  And just in case you wish to watch the video that introduces all of the North American Attendees, click:  12 German Shufflers also attended. 
Jim speaks:  I had great pride watching the Opening Ceremonies and smiled  when each member nation of the ISA walked in.  It sure does bring us all  together, does it not?
Regards,  Jim.  2014 02 09
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