It Takes a Good Deal to “Amaze” Earl Ball, BUT Al Buffum Did Just That!!

Jay Fitzpatrick & Al BuffumThis sport continues to amaze me! Pic on left is Jay Fitzpatrick presenting a Trophy to Al Buffum.  Al is the subject of Earl’s observation below.   
Think about being 86 years old and winning a State Championship!  If that’s not enough: Think about defeating the team of Stan Williamson and Paul Prescott as well as taking down Earl Ball and his partner Dean Myklejord in the finals!  Don’t get me wrong, Al’s partner Dave Clendenin played very well, but Al put on a show against me, I played well, not near well enough.  Some of you know the trials and tribulations I’m going through with my in-laws who are 83 and 84 so I know something about what ageing does to a person.  Al skipped over that chapter.  By the way did I mention that he won his 1st National Championship last Fall!
Earl Ball 2014 -01-08
(Posted by Stan held up in Ottawa’s International Airport (Storm in Toronto the cause) anxiously awaiting an alternate flight to  Orlando in order that Lois and I can participate in the Opening of  Woodbrook Estate’s MAJOR DISTRICT AM tournament beginning at 08:30 tomorrow > 2014 01 09.)  As Wilbur Estes used to say: “Life is Good”!!   Our Thanks To Earl Ball!!  Always A Big Boost To Shuffleboard!!
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