Sochi 8: It Tears My Heart Out To Have To Tell You Just How Bad Things are in Sochi!! See what you think of Dinner??


Donna Wood Speaks:  The magical evening began as we gathered together at the front entrance of our magnificent hotel. A spontaneous “O’Canada” was sung during the process of taking photos.

We moved on to the gala event in great anticipation as we were serenaded by violins and a

DSCN0549snow princess appeared serving champagne (sanpasky). (click on pic to expand)

The dining room was a-glow with colour from palest pink to ruby red. (see pic at top) We made our way to tables of six designated by our home country. We were very quickly aware of our smartly clad waitresses who were charming and very efficient. (click on pic to expand)

The five course dinner began with an appetizer of shrimp and pineapple. There were five platters of cold starters on each table – fish, meat, cheese, vegetables and salad vegetables. The entrée was hot beef tongue (yazik). The main course was a choice of salmon steak or lamb and dessert was a meringue called floating island.

DSCN0473Tournament Organizer Dieter announced the rankings and DSCN0561winners of the competition. Prizes were awarded and gifts were exchanged. Russians representing sports and tourism brought greetings and appreciation to visiting countries for bringing shuffleboard to Russia.

DSCN0583Wonderful entertainment continued with Russian folk dancers and an exceptional violinist Kydrina. And theOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA band played on and we all danced. How wonderful that in a few days new friends were made and Russians, Germans, Canadians and Americans were all laughing and dancing together in Sochi.

Donna Wood: 2011 06 06.

Stan Writes in 2014: To allow you to truly experience equally terrible conditions, I now give you a link to a Slide Show: 

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2 Responses to Sochi 8: It Tears My Heart Out To Have To Tell You Just How Bad Things are in Sochi!! See what you think of Dinner??

  1. Gus Bondi says:

    It sure was a great time and I will never forget it The Russians were great host to us.

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  2. Jim Allen says:

    It will be interesting to watch the Sochi Olympics after traveling there and getting such nice tours! Also knowing Sochi is not only the home of the Winter Games, but also the headquarters for shuffleboard in Russia.


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