The Torture, The Hardship, The Deceipt All Began With Our ARRIVAL DINNER!! lol

arrival dinner

Our Arrival Dinner was Out of This World!*  One of the neat little surprises, at least to me, was the white cylindrical objects one of the many servers placed in front of me.  You will note that 6 are now in the plate to my left.  As our dinner was over, I believed that we were being offered after dinner mints or a similar type item.  Accordingly I picked up one, and with high expectation, took a bite.  To my shock and surprise, it was not as I expected!!

It was only after examination by myself and those in the immediate area that we determined they were after dinner hand wipes!!  They became one of the more attractive items during the week and several people were able to obtain some to bring home.

* To read about the Arrival Dinner:   P4 OUR ARRIVAL

To see the Slide Show associated with the Arrival Dinner, click here:

To see the Slide Show associated with the Awards Banquet:

Stan McCormack.  2014 01 26.

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