ISA President Zellner Will Place Poland’s Request for Membership Before the Board!! AND Invites them to Compete in Midland!!

FLAG ISA (Seattle intro)zzz-warsaw-poland-2013-06-26

President responds to Poland’s Request: Dear Ewa and Malgorzata:   It is indeed a wonderful notice that you send! Mr. and Mrs. Hussmann are outstanding Diplomats for both the International Shuffleboard Association and their own German Shuffleboard Association. *

I personally met some of your players while in Lithuania with my ISA Delegation. You might be pleased to know that from that meeting I learned the Polish Game of Ringo and purchased the equipment that your Delegation was demonstrating. I have started a Ringo group here in my own country – Brazil. You see, we touched each other’s lives through friendship and sports.
Now as to your request to become an Interim member of the ISA. I would be honored to place your application before our Board to get a vote of approval. It would be most advisable for you to come and participate at the 33rd World Shuffleboard Championship to be held in Midland, Ontario Canada from 10 to 16 August 2014. If you can bring a Full team (4-6 competitors) you can bypass Interim Membership and receive Full Membership with voting rights and your Star on the ISA Flag.
If you cannot mount a Full team of 4-6 competitors but can come with any number of competitors, I can place your group on the United Nations Team, formed with other nations in your situation. It is the perfect training environment for new nations and helps you form a qualified National team in the future.
Let me know as soon as possible if your participation is possible and I’ll do my best to assist with your requirements.

Respectfully Yours,

Prof. Michael Robert Zellner, President,
International Shuffleboard Association

* Dieter was a member of the TAFISA (Lithuania)  promotional week, and as a result we see in the photo at the top, Dieter and Birgitt on a follow-up visit to Warsaw Poland.   If you click   you will be taken to Shuffleboard Polska!!

Stan McCormack.  2014 01 30.

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