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The Torture, The Hardship, The Deceipt All Began With Our ARRIVAL DINNER!! lol

Our Arrival Dinner was Out of This World!*  One of the neat little surprises, at least to me, was the white cylindrical objects one of the many servers placed in front of me.  You will note that 6 are now … Continue reading

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Sochi 5: Everything Else Was Leading Up To This!!! I mean it!!!

I believe this single photograph, above, captures the richness and the wonder of our Windup Banquet in Sochi following one full week of exploring the future site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and capping that week with 2 full days … Continue reading

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Sochi 6: Sochi Was Such A Huge Success!! by Shirley Bryan. Now Comes the Truth!!

This article is by Shirley Bryan, on your extreme left.  I believe Shirley has captured the essence of International Shuffleboard in her last 2 paragraphs in italics.  As we are now talking about the Olympics, (2014) I believe this statement by … Continue reading

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Colleen Austin Attains State Shufflebboard Immortality!

To read the newspaper article more clearly: click:  Stan McCormack.  2014 01 25.

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FSA PAST PRESIDENT JIM BAILEY too, Suffered in Russia!!

First I must blow my own horn >> just a bit.  This terrific pic of Ninfa and Jim was taken by yours truly.  The story you are about to read is by Ninfa, and it is about Jim > just … Continue reading

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Need A Room For the Betmar State Tournament??

SHUFFLERS GOING TO BETMAR ON MONDAY!!   (2014 01 27) Earl Ball Speaks:  I have been able to set up a special rate for the Sate tournament at Betmar and the District  tournaments at betmar and the ZSC. Microtel will give … Continue reading

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Show Time! And Cocktails!!! Do You Have One Named After You?

The video below is by our very own Movie Producer, Mr Jim Allen!!  His latest accolade is the Cocktail available in his name at the Royal Palm Shuffleboard Facility in New York City!!! **  The video is a brief description … Continue reading

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