Sochi 3: A Prelude to the Olympics!!! Read to See How Badly Your Fellow Shufflers Suffered under Russian Tyranny!!

Our Hotel centre

From 2011 05 24 to 2011 05 31 forty North American Shufflers suffered in this hotel >> twelve German Shufflers suffered equally for a slightly shorter period. 

Each morning as we rose, we were compelled to look out over the Black Sea from our from our balconybalcony!!! Each day each guest had to decide whether or not to avail themselves of the free Health Spa Services prior to breakfast on the terrace of our dining room.  We suffered but we prevailed and each of us is stronger because of the hardship we endured!!!

roses on bedEach evening as we returned from dinner we were obliged to remove the Roses from our bed prior to stepping onto the clean white linen mat beside our bed!!! (click on pix to expand.) 

As just one example of the service we experienced, one among us came down with bronchitis and failed to show up for dinner; a tray of food was taken to her room; upon observing her condition, a nurse and a doctor were attending her within minutes and she received intravenous.  One hardship after another, each at no cost!! 

Who were these brave Americans, Canadians and Germans who put up with this for a week??  We will now post a photo we took on one of our daily excursions.  Young Woman in the center, front row is our Tour Guide, a talented and passionate Russian.

group pio

Stan Writes in 2014:  Given all the heated debate and discussion with regard to the conditions existing in Sochi, I thought it would be useful to share with you the “absolute hell” we went through!!!!  Stan McCormack, 2014 01 22.

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