Russian Russian President Igor Ekert Continues To Think Shuffleboard!!

MZ shakes Igor
DEAR MICHAEL Sending you visit card from Will , with whom I have spoken. He was very exating about our Plans to make Shuffleboard to be Olympic  Sport!!!I have told him that Shuffleboard is indeed Great Sport!!! The Sport wich man& women, Child & grandfather , handycap& athlets can Play together equaly and Therefor BE HAPPY !!! Look Michael , what a GREAT HOPE for everybody could we give!!! Just Imagine One as well with 70 years Old or migth be more , Not depend of abilities as well as everybody consider the Young Generation Could be OLYMPIC CHAMPION!!!The Hope for the whole World!!! That why , tommorow I go to Olympic University here in Sochi in wich Nuzman Karlos Artur also Board member as well as Putin, fierst von Monako Albert 2 & many others who will be helpfull for us!!! Everybody now here in Sochi!!! I think Will would like to make an Artikel for us & our GOALS !!! He asked me to copy all Videos & Artikels . As well I have told him that Shuffleboard Not only Great Sport!! It’s The Way of thinking , the Way of Communication the Way to be Friends !!! I Tell him that I ‘ll give him your coordinates for Communication .BRF Igor
On the left we have ISA President Zellner; on the right, Russian President Igor Ekert.  (No, Michael is not at the Olympics. Pic taken when Michael visited Sochi this past summer.) Click to read that story:   Stan
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    Well said Stan. Writing article about royal palms visit and workshops. Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!



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