Day 1 of the Polk Cty. Senior Games. Some Pix;


This link takes you to a slide show of Day 1:   AS I was not present when the1 medals were presented, I only have the one medal presentation, that to 99 year old Arland Meade.  Arland is legally blind but still makes some great shots with the aid of his binoculars!!   Thanks to his son Tom who sent along the pix of his Dad!!  Incidentally, Arland took home the Gold!!  (pic above)  

IMG_0883In the Slide Show, see the pic of the Young Man, BEN, showing us his tattoos!!   Paul Sauerwine and Ben were to pair  off against each other but it seems Ben went home???  Were not sure why??  Ben claims he “wanted Paul to win!!”  lol

This link takes you to the Doubles event of Wednesday, Feb 26th: IMG_0969   Please take note of the Shuffler in the motorized cart.  He never left the cart > there was no need to; his shot was “bang on”!!  Not only that he medaled!!   (( Click on pix to expand)) If you have not yet been?? click:

Stan McCormack.  2014 02 26 21:00 Do Hope You Enjoy!!


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