Polk County Senior Games; Shuffleboard is taking place at the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club on Wednesday, the 26th!!


The Shuffleboard portion of the Polk County Senior Games are once again taking place at the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club at 820 E Robson St., in Lakeland.   Glenn Monroe and helpers continue to direct this very large, very significant event.   On Monday, Feb 24th, the Men competed, playing Singles.  On Tuesday, Feb 25th,  the Women competed.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb 26th will see the Doubles Event take place.  Here are the results for the Mens, Monday results.  Results sent along by Event Manager Glenn Monroe: PSG Men’s Shuffleboard  (there are several pages; be sure to scroll down)

Stan’s NOTE: I was present on Monday and took some pix.  I will be attending tomorrow to take more pix.  Following the event I will post all pix on a Slide Show.  Why not show up tomorrow??  Hope to see you there!!

Stan McCormack. 2014 02 25 21:29

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