You Decide!! Is This Man A Painter first? Or a Shuffler First?? Or is it just possible, HE IS BOTH!! I Vote for the Latter!!

Roy Norma Painter (4)

The title of the painting above is The Missing Oak Tree.   And indeed the title is entirely appropriate as this tree, along the walkway around Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, FL no longer exists!!  Our painter has captured the majestic beauty of one of nature’s  most durable symbols, the Oak Tree.

IMG_1097Roy Norman, our painter, was so taken by this Oak Tree, that in 2005, he began this painting.  He and wife Doreen, on a regular basis, walked around Lake Hollingsworth, and on each occasion,  passed under the Oak Tree.  Note in the painting, the support given to the tree at the extreme right, at the edge of the walkway.  Note also the red roofs to your right, roofs of the Tennis Court Buildings; note the person on the bicycle climbing the path to your left, and finally the individual on roller blades coming toward us on the main path.  MISSING IS THE OAK TREE!Lois and I returned to this very site to-day, 2014 03 04, with Roy and Doreen Norman.   We took several pix in an attempt to make the link between the site as it is to-day, and how it was when the Giant Oak stood proudly!!  Roy believed this shot gave the best perspective.   The immortality of the Giant Oak Tree now rests with this painting by Roy Edgar Norman.  IMG_1101

If you would like to learn a little more about Roy and Doreen, enter the word Norman into the search rectangle and hit search.  Shufflers; there are 26 articles that come up.  Please remember, the BLOG only shows 10 on each page.  Look for the words “older posts” in the lower left hand corner to read  all 26 articles. 

Stan McCormack.  2014 03 04

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