No, Glen Peltier Did Not Make The Masters in 2014; BUT he has a few times in the recent past!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFSA_Logo[1]The first time Glen saw the Masters was the first year he played the game.

Great players walking back and forth at Mirror Lake in St. Petersburg.  They neither complained nor did they seem to ever tire.

Referees on every court and also score keepers on every court. They kept the game going and made it much easier on the players. Watching the top players walking convinced Glen that Shuffleboard was indeed a sport! It showed him that the players deserved to be there! Glen wanted to be there too!

The next year was Glen’s first as a pro. He volunteered to referee. What a wonderful experience. Again no one complained. They knew what the rules were. No one wanted to water the game down. No one wanted to play shorter games. Games were never stopped because of rain. We simply waited for the rain to stop even if it took an extra day. There was no co-champion. In the early nineties Skip McCoy and Glen played a game to 100 on Friday to determine the champion. Players that could not walk stepped aside. No one complained. Shuffleboard has many opportunities to play any game of their choice in hundreds of venues. Glen  believes the FSA Masters should be played the way it was, the way that made it so successful for so many years!!

Views expressed by Glen Peltier.  The FSA Masters begins on March 31st, 2014 and runs until April 03rd, 2014.  It will be held at Holiday Travel Park.   If you wish to observe some great shuffling, why not plan to attend!!  Florida’s “Top 16 Finishers”, 8 Men and 8 Women will be duking it out for First Place!!  

NOTE:  I will be sharing with you the names of the Top 16  Competitors in a posting later this evening!!  Stan 2014 03 28.

Stan Writes: For the few readers who may not know, the Green Jacket Glen is wearing, is given to any FSA Player who earns 1,000 Points!!  The Green Jacket, as well as the White Jacket, is sponsored by Allen R. Shuffleboard.  Glen has 1279 points, and incidentally,  no other FSA Player has reached the 1,000 Point Level.  2013 04 09   Click on pic to expand!!!

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1 Response to No, Glen Peltier Did Not Make The Masters in 2014; BUT he has a few times in the recent past!!

  1. Phil Rebholz says:

    This is a great view of the Masters and I agree with Glen that it has been changed too much over the years.
    Phil Rebholz


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