FSA Masters “Comments By FSA Secretary Linda Rebholz”.

FSA_Logo[1]We now give you much appreciated remarks regarding Day 1 of the FSA Masters being played at Holiday Travel Park in Holiday, FL.

Today at 8:09 PM:  Notes on masters:
Every Masters tournament has its own qualities. This tournament is being held at Holiday Travel Park in the town of Hoiday, just north of Clearwater.  The West Coast d District is the host with Steve Raimondi, president. Carl Rogerson is club president and chairperson. ThePhil & Linda Reboltz (2) morning was chilly 46 and temps only got to mid 70s. The club served coffee and donuts as tournament director, Glenn Carl RogersonMonroe talked with players, referees and scorekeepers.
The opening ceremony Began with parading of the American and Canadian flags as the countries anthem played. We were welcomed by the park manager and souvenir bags were given to each player. FSA president, Phil Rebholz made a few comments as well as West Coast District President, Steve  Raimondi.
100 C. Pr.  Ron NurnbergerOf the 16 top players competing, there is only one who has never played in a masters. Ron Nurnberger is excited to be among this number but not as excited as his wife, Pam, who encouraged him to play in the TOC where he got his needed points.
Holliday Park volunteers served a delicious lunch, then surprised us with strawberry shortcake in the afternoon.
There were 2 women teams still playing when we left at 5:00. We look forward to 3 more days of good play.
Linda Rebholz
Thanks to Linda!!  Readers very much appreciate!!  All we need now are those PICTURES.  In that regard, whenever they arrive, I will post the link to the Slide Show right here on this page.  DO COME BACK AND CHECK LATER THIS EVENING!!!  
Stan McCormack.  2014 03 31 20:31 .
(Jo Miller may send some pics– her husband, Jim is playing)
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