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Wilbur Estes, The Guy Who Wrote The Book!!  I am a passionate, and active, proponent of “The 75-Point Game”, and am on a crusade. At my age, and in my condition, it is obvious that I need help to reverse … Continue reading

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FL Shufflers Compete in Renfrew, ON Every Tuesday!!

To-day, 2014 04 29, Lois and I shuffled in Renfrew, ON which is our summer shuffling home club!!   Renfrew is about one hour and 15 minutes north west of Ottawa, our nation’s Capital City!!   To our delight, Basil and Eileen … Continue reading

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“The Guy Who Wrote The Book” My 1st Discussion With Him!

 WILBUR ESTES,  AUTHOR OF MODULAR SHUFFLEBOARD. This interview took place in April of 2005!  (At that time I carried a Recorder, and recorded exchanges)  I present it to you at this time (2014 04 29) to give you some insight into the … Continue reading

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Get To Know This Gentleman!! “The Guy Who Wrote The Book”! A Great Shuffler; A Great Human Being, His Name, Wilbur Estes

Wilbur Estes was inter alia, a great shuffler, a great human being, and a great story teller!!  It is my intention to share with you information in each of these broad general areas, just enough to see if you will … Continue reading

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I was asked, recently, if I plan to try and catch Glen Peltier in lifetime “Master’s” points; I could only laugh. Let’s look at the numbers and see why that’s absolutely impossible. Although Glen is now a respectable 78; he … Continue reading

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“Life is Good”!! If you can’t actually shuffle, we will give you some “related reading”!!

  Many Shufflers are in “Idle Mode” at this time of year.  I don’t mean for a minute that we have stopped shuffling?? Heck, there is always Summer Shuffling, perhaps not as frequent or as intense, but to our credit, we … Continue reading

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Item of Canadian Interest!! CNSA AGM; May 27th, 2014

The CNSA President, Myrna Bilton, will soon be formally announcing the date and time of the AGM (Annual General Meeting) for 2014. It was in 2008 that we first held our AGM at the  Coldwater Shuffleboard Club.   The Coldwater Club has been … Continue reading

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Summer is Here!! Fewer “Practise” Shots!! Earl Ball Suggests The Following!!

I’m still amazed at how players use their practice shots when they only get 2 for speed and 4 any way they want them in a short, 12 frame, mingles/singles game. Most players use the 4 for the back line … Continue reading

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Jim and Beth Celebrate #16 in San Juan!! Pic received at 20:10 on the 18th, the Magic Day!

Jim and Beth Allen celebrate 16 years of marriage on 2014 04 18, Ladies and Gentlemen, that is to-day!!  AND GUESS WHAT?  I received this message: Hello Stan: Thank you for the well wishes!  This year will be unique in that … Continue reading

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We Give You A Look Back re Jane “O”, along with a Current Photo!!

Truly, Beauty is in The Eyes of the Beholder!!  And For Shufflers Who Know Jane “O” This is A BEUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL picture!!  Next thing we know, we will see you on the Courts!!  Jane “O” You just may wish to … Continue reading

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