I was asked, recently, if I plan to try and catch Glen Peltier in lifetime “Master’s” points; I could only laugh. Let’s look at the numbers and see why that’s absolutely impossible.

Although Glen is now a respectable 78; he started playing the Pro tour while in his forties. He didn’t qualify for the “Masters”, finish in the top 8 in his first season, but has qualified every season since or something like 25 + in a row!!

This is my 14th season; that means I’d have to play 15 more years just to equal the number of years he’s played and he’s still playing!! I’m 68 so I’d have to play until I’m 80, by the way did I mention the longest living male, in my family, made it to 68. Still think I have a chance?

Earl has 782 Lifetime Points; Glenn has 1299 Lifetime Points.  Effective 2014 04 26.   3 Shufflers are in between Earl and Glen, all women, and only one of the three is still shuffling, that being Joan Cook with 990 points!!!  Joan Wheeler has 816 and Jane “O” Bird has 793.

Earl Ball 2010 02 03.  (Stan: I updated the figures!! on 2014 04 26)  Going to share something with you > not even known by Glen or Earl!!  This is not a true pic, i.e. Alf Primeau “put this pic together”.  It was all in Good Fun!! Stan 





SHUFFLER’S NOTE: This article by Earl caused The Shuffler to examine into some of the possibilities and the major article > SHUFFLEBOARD WAS KING IN THOSE DAYS AND MAE HALL WAS THE QUEEN!! was the result. Tune in tomorrow; we just may follow this story. ENJOY!! Stan and Alf. 2010-02-06.

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