Get To Know This Gentleman!! “The Guy Who Wrote The Book”! A Great Shuffler; A Great Human Being, His Name, Wilbur Estes

Wilbur Estes The Guy Who Wrote the BookWilbur Estes was inter alia, a great shuffler, a great human being, and a great story teller!!  It is my intention to share with you information in each of these broad general areas, just enough to see if you will share my opinion.

We see Wilbur, “The Guy Who Wrote The Book”, on the left.  You will note that he is sporting a “The Cap”  > an item which is becoming increasingly rare and increasingly in demand!!  Alf Primeau and I operated The website for many years, and for several of those years, Wilbur was one of our prime contributors.  Earl Ball was another, and frequently they would engage in friendly on line debate!  More of that later.   At this point I should tell you that Wilbur is now deceased, leaving us on October 31st, 2008.    More detail on that, also later.  The name of Wilbur’s most sought after Shuffleboard Book was titled “Modular Shuffleboard”. If you have a copy, hang on to it >> or you could give it to me!! lol  More of  that later also!!

To gain an appreciation of Wilbur the human being, I thought I would begin with this very moving, very touching, very revealing story by Wilbur.   2006 08 09 23A COURTIN BY WILBUR

Stan McCormack.  2014 04 27.

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