FL Shufflers Compete in Renfrew, ON Every Tuesday!!

Basil, Eileen & Jim

To-day, 2014 04 29, Lois and I shuffled in Renfrew, ON which is our summer shuffling home club!!   Renfrew is about one hour and 15 minutes north west of Ottawa, our nation’s Capital City!!   To our delight, Basil and Eileen Fick, on your left, and Jim Norton were also present!!  Jim, and wife Barb did get to Florida this winter,  BUT the Ficks did not!!  All 3 octogenarians were obviously enjoying the very best of health!!  >> No doubt shuffleboard can take some of the credit!!

I share with the Larger Shuffleboard Audience that Lois and I both noticed aRenfrew 2014 04 29 significant number of New Faces in the Club!!!  Shuffleboard takes place on Roll Out Courts on a concrete floor in the RCAF Wing on Argyle St. in Renfrew!  Click on pic to expand.  Good Shuffling.

Stan 2014 04 29.

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4 Responses to FL Shufflers Compete in Renfrew, ON Every Tuesday!!

  1. Gus Bondi says:

    How come the Ficks were not in Florida this past year?


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  2. Pamela Hill says:

    Thank you, Stan for sharing the latest on the Renfrew gang. Wonderful to see the Ficks and Jim N. Miss Barb. We are hoping to go to Black
    stock to play in the near future.


  3. stanistheman says:

    BLACKSTOCK has some very competitive Players!! You will be challenged! You will ENJOY!!


  4. Myrna houxston says:

    Nice seeing your blog Stan Hi! To you and Lois myrna


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