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Why Not Take A Trip To Arizona? Friends Await You!!

Here is a link to the Arizona Shuffleboard Assn.:  While I am going to give you a sample of what is available, I encourage you to go the their site and look around!  You will find many of our … Continue reading

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If You Reside in the Clearwater, FL Area, You Will Want To Read This!!

Frank Niziolek 5:52pm Apr 13 MINGLE/ SINGLES AT CLEARWATER SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB Fun Draw Doubles Draw Partner Each Game Pro and Amateur Divisions All Players Welcome 8/12 FRAME GAMES (6 FULL FRAMES) EVERY TUESDAY STARTING APRIL 22, 2014, TO JUNE 24, … Continue reading

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We Welcome Japan’s New Shuffleboard President.

 President Zellner Welcomes Japan’s New President, Kazunari Hatanaka.     Dear Kazunari: On behalf of the ISA and our Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate you on your selection to be the new President of the JNSA. Japan has a long history … Continue reading

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Youth Shufflers Needed this August in Midland, ON

I am going to provide you with a link which takes you to Lakeside, OH. Lakeside is well known for some excellent Shufflers, Lakeside was the host of the 25th ISA World Championships!!  BE patient, takes a moment.  My reason … Continue reading

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Take a Moment and Read this Article!!!

Not a large number of the readers of are “techies”.  However; most are concerned about protecting their information.   The article to follow, see the link, is more technical than I would like it to be.  Having said that, I … Continue reading

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More News on the Cheque Scam!! News is Not All Negative!!

As often happens,  crisis situations bring out the best in many of us!!  Read the latest experience by our CNSA President, this time reporting on a phone call from Prince Edward Island!!  Stan Myrna Begins: Thanks Stan for posting the … Continue reading

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Should You Receive a Cheque From the CNSA, Please Contact the CNSA President

Unfortunately the CNSA has been involved in a FRAUDENT CHEQUE SCAM.  Should You, or someone you know, receive a cheque from the CNSA, contact CNSA President Myrna Bilton.     DO NOT CASH the CHEQUE.    Our CNSA treasurer Murray Burnett has done a wonderful … Continue reading

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An Ode to the Piphers by Lottie Bell.

Shuffleboard, Shuffleboard what a game to play! For many, a facility was much too far away. The Piphers in Coldwater had a brainchild over there And with energy unsurpassed they didn`t sit and stare. They rented an arena with facilities … Continue reading

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A Big “Thank You” to Yoshiko as She Leaves the Office of President of the Japanese Shuffleboard Assn.!! JNSA

Above we have the Perfect Ladies speaking with the Perfect Gentleman!! To-day, 2014 04 08, the ISA Board received this message from Yoshiko Suzuki, Japan’s Outstanding President for the past 6 years. Dear ISA President and All: I would like to … Continue reading

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Norway and Germany Compete in Germany’s Magic Hall!

The 3rd European, Germany vs Norway in the Shuffleboard Magic Hall, Langenselbold has ended.  The German men and German women team were successful.  It is more than evident, from the pix, that all Shufflers had a great time.   In the center pic … Continue reading

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