Stan speaks:  My end game in this series of articles about Wilbur, is to ensure all readers have some appreciation of Wilbur Estes, The Guy Who Wrote The Book.  This posting is about his Passing, a part of his legacy!!  I have literally hundreds of e-mail exchanges and articles by Wilbur.  At the end of the Appreciation articles, it is my intention to make available to you,  a series of Instructional articles by Wilbur.

As many of you now know, Wilbur Estes passed away on October 31st, 2008 in his home state of MaineOn October 21st, 2008  in a message to me, Wilbur wrote in part:  “Stan.  I am pleased to see that your Australian trip and tourney, were a great success. I have not been following Shuffleboard closely of late, as I am  recovering (slowly) from a couple of “heart episodes”.  My activities  are on “hold’, as is my return to Florida.” Wilbur.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPic, extreme left, Lois and Glenna, his 1st wife, reconnected after 65 years apart. They lived in Georgetown, Lakeland.  Next pic is of those in attendance at the Memorial Service in Georgetown.  Click on pix to expand.

Glenna (Wilbur’s 1st Wife and current companion) held a memorial service on January 17th, in Georgetown Mobile Home Park in Lakeland FL where the two had lived for the past 3 years. Approximately 50 turned out to celebrate the life of Wilbur Estes; among the 50 were 14 Shufflers from across the District as well as many shufflers from the Park.

The Piphers, in co-operation with The Shuffler, had printed off various photos of Wilbur, framed them and displayed same at the service. Top photo is of Glenna and Lois; other photo of some of the assembled guests.  

The pastor’s remarks included the reading of the announcement of Wilbur’s passing as posted on The Shuffler, including the FSA Induction remarks, as well as gracious remarks from Terry Rainwater and Fred Wilkens. Fred and Elizabeth were in attendance. Central District President Glenn Munroe was invited to the podium and recounted his memories of Wilbur in support of Glenna.

At the end of the service Glenna thanked everyone and expressed her tribute to Wilbur noting that their time together had been blissful, and they had hoped to have at least one more winter together. The Church Women then offered Cake, Coffee and Tea to all guests.  

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler. (Both attended) 2009 01 17.   Stan: 2014 05 04.


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