Saltwater Shuffle Club opening- May 27, 2014; Nova Scotia

Finally the time has arrived to commence our 2014 summer shuffleboard season in Sackville, NS.


Glenna Earle Reports:  We have extended our day by 30 minutes in order to play (3) 12 frame games prior to a short break for lunch and then back for 3 games of Hoss Collar in the afternoon. Hoss Collar is helpful to improve the shooting skills and accuracy for all players. There is always a good deal of friendly bantering among the group as teams try to best one another.

Our opening day saw 33 people ready and eager to begin. We actually had 8 new players, 3 of whom had never held a shuffle cue before. I spent some time with the beginners to help them get a feel for how to hold a cue and deliver a disc down the court. As many of these folks were former curlers, they already understand the need for a smooth delivery with good follow-through. To my surprise, by the 2nd game of the day they jumped in to get their feet wet. With such a great group of regular players, they welcomed the” newbies” and helped them play their first real game. Comments all around were favourable. There was plenty of good-natured advice for the new players and everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves.

We are very lucky to have a great facility and many players who already play the game in FL in the winter. The roll-out courts are a challenge for even the best players, so it seems to level the “playing field” for all of us.

We still have a few players from last year’s group who were not able to attend the 1st day so when all are present we should have about 40 on the membership list.

Our executive remains the same for another year, except for the loss of our good friend, Joe Greenwood. He was one of our founding members and operations manager. He will be sadly missed.

If any of you reading this are in the Halifax area over the summer, we would be very pleased to have you join us for some fun playing any Tuesday from 10AM-2:30PM.   Submitted by Glenna Earle. 

The Saltwater Shuffleboard Club has 8 Roll Out Courts in a modern facility!!  We have displayed pix of some of the fine people who participate!!  Click on any pic to expand.

20140527_113511 20140527_113327

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2 Responses to Saltwater Shuffle Club opening- May 27, 2014; Nova Scotia

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Congratulations Glenna on getting
    your club going again. May you all have lots of fun this 2014 season.



  2. R & D says:

    We’ll be waiting.
    Ray & Dorothy


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