Another Couple Relates Their Adventure Upon Taking Up Shuffleboard!!!


This Message From Two “brand new shufflers” >> Two Shufflers Who Acquitted themselves Quite Well, in fact Very Well at the  Canadian Nationals Doubles Tournament, May 27, 28, 29, 2014 Coldwater, ON. Read On!!  Hi Everyone:

My brother and I enjoyed playing in the CNSA Tournament in Coldwater, we met lots of nice friendly people from all over.

Paul and I started playing shuffleboard in Zephyrhills, FL in January 2014. We entered a novice tournament and it was a great experience and taught us the rules and etiquette of the game.

Since then we have been hooked and started playing with our in house group for fun a few times per week in Zephyrhills, Florida.

While in Florida we searched the internet for a club in Ontario close to our hometown where we could continue playing and learning. We found the Coldwater Shuffleboard website and sent a few emails and received information about the club.

Upon returning home we joined the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club and have enjoyed playing their every Tuesday and Thursday, lots of fun with nice friendly people.

We decided to enter the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association Tournament in May, 2014. We played in the amateur division for day one and won the first two rounds but were eliminated in the third round. We returned the next day and played with the Experts and somehow managed to end up playing in the finals and Won Fourth Place in the Expert Consolation Round.

No one was more surprised than us, it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone that shuffles, just go out and have fun and you never know what will happen, win or lose you will have a great time.

Thank you to all that assisted us newbie’s and answered our many questions and welcomed us.

A special thanks to all the volunteers.

Audrey Lambe and Paul Alyward:

Go here for Slide Show of CNSA 2014 Event: OTHERS WILL FOLLOW.  Stan > And Many Thanks to Audrey and Paul for their article.

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2 Responses to Another Couple Relates Their Adventure Upon Taking Up Shuffleboard!!!

  1. President Michael says:

    Dear Audrey and Paul,

    Now your have the virus. Everyone gets it after 2 or more visits to a shuffleboard club. Welcome to an exciting and challenging game. Keep at it and I hope to see you at an International World Championship representing Canada in the near future.


    Michael Robert Zellner, President International Shuffleboard Association


  2. tom...lucy says: you guy.’ are making us proud……..xx


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