CNSA: The Perfect Shuffleboard Family!! It Is The Adventure That Counts!!


        We are a family of five who enjoy shuffling together.  We are two sisters, a brother & the spouses of two of us. 

I am Norma Johnston in the middle of the picture & to the left of me is my sister Elsie & her husband Malcolm Cleghorn.

To the right of me is my brother Elliot Arnold & his wife Jean.

We are proud to spend our winters & shuffle in Oakside Park in Zephyrhills Florida & in the summers Elliot & I shuffle at Thames Horizons Club just outside of Chatham. 

        Our father was an avid shuffler – in fact, he helped build the barn that houses our courts at Chatham & shuffled there & at Oakside in Florida. I’ve said that Dad would be so pleased to see how we’ve taken up the game & enjoy it as much as he did & Mom would just be happy to see us all playing together without fighting!!

        This picture was taken a couple of years ago after all five of us finally won trophies in the same tournament.  It was a red-letter day for us! 

Norma Johnston

Stan McCormack:  What a great article!!  What a great Pic!!  I welcome similar articles from OTHERS!  Do tell YOUR STORY!!  We were “OH SO GLAD” to have all 5 Shufflers participate in the CNSA Tournament of 2014 05 27 to 29.


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1 Response to CNSA: The Perfect Shuffleboard Family!! It Is The Adventure That Counts!!

  1. Glenna Earle says:

    Great to see the family playing shuffleboard together. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to play together. Would love to see all of you playing more tournaments in Fl. You are sooo good!!!


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