70th Anniversary Posting From Australia!!


 This message from an Australian Friend with regard to our 70th Anniversary Postings. Hi Stan:  We have enjoyed your blogs of your tour of the WW 1 sites etc. Thanks for the photo re Australia at the memorial. Pic from Tyne Cot Cemetery. 

Neither Marj or I have visited that part of France.  Of course the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) and the Canadians were brothers in arms during this period and probably Generals Sir John Monash (Australia) and Sir Arthur Currie(Canada) can be credited with salvaging a victory in  WW 1 from the shambles created by the British elitist Generals.They certainly turned the tide.

Just as an interesting aside Sir John Monash was a Jew born in Australia of German parents and German was the main language spoken in his home. He attended my old school (Scotch College) in Melbourne where he was a brilliant scholar and is honoured in many ways. He is also honoured in Victoria with a University, a Suburb and a highway named after him.

The French have always had a kindly respect for Australians resulting from the two wars.

The village of Villiers-Bretoneux was recaptured from the Germans in 1918 by the ANZACs at the cost of 1200 Australian soldiers lives and each year on our ANZAC day (25th April) services are held at the Village and many Australians attend as they do at Gallipoli in Turkey.

The village school at Villers-Bretoneux after WW1 was rebuilt from donations made by Australian school children from our State of Victoria. Above each blackboard is inscribed N’oublious jamais l’Australie (let us never forget Australia).

Ian Reiher.  (Australian Shuffler, and Friend)  TO READ ALL THE POSTINGS FROM THE D-DAY TOUR, enter “70th” into the search rectangle, (top right of page) and click on enter.  Stan

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1 Response to 70th Anniversary Posting From Australia!!

  1. Phil & Pam says:

    Ian: Thanks for adding your interesting article. Hope to see you in Midland.


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