70th Anniversary; The Story of Bold by Gene Smith


The Story of Bold; INTRO: Sent Along by Gene Smith: Those of us who participated in the 70th Anniversary of D-Day will remember many things! Some stories will resonate more so than others, depending on your background and relationships.

Gene related the “Story of Bold” on the trip and I asked him if he would send it along in digital format which he has now done. We thank him. I have inserted 3 pix; (click on each to expand), I have added a pdf file which is in fact the “Story of Bold”. This story resonates with me because we had the brother and nephew of the tank commander, that being Ted Paisley and son Dave. It is the two of them in the pic.

Remember, you can refer the several items and pix to others by giving them the address of the BLOG >> http://theshuffler.net and telling them to insert 70th into the search rectangle (to be found at the top right when the window opens) AND THEN, hit search. A list of the 20 + articles will now appear, 10 on each page. To see the 2nd  page of the list, click on “Older Posts” at the bottom left of the 1st page of 10 titles.

Click here for story:  THE STORY OF BOLD

Stan and Lois Cruising up the West Coast of BC on our way to Alaska.  2014 06 22.  A note of caution:  We are sailing on Holland America.  The internet connection is TERRIBLE, even criminal in that they charge you a considerable sum >> AND THE SERVICE IS just about non existent.

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