Bad News and Good News From Landy Adkins!!

Adkins, GeorgeGeorge Adkins had a Sudden Cardiac Death  today (June 22nd) at our Grandson’s Ball game. There were nurses and a Doctor at the ball field.  They did CPR and they shocked him 3 times; an ambulance took him to Parkview Heart Hospital.   They have him in stable condition. The people who worked on him saved his life….He has cracked ribs and is sedated. They are going to put in a defiburlater in a couple of days after they make sure is stable.  Landy

The good news is of course that George is alive and well!!  All Shufflers send best wishes to George for a complete and rapid recovery!!

Stan 2014 06 23.

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7 Responses to Bad News and Good News From Landy Adkins!!

  1. Phil & Pam says:

    Landy…Positive thoughts and prayers. P & P.


  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you! We hope that you feel better very soon, George.


  3. kastawaykaty says:

    Landy … Sending prayers & blessings for George’s recovery. Will be thinking of you & “Take Care” …. Katy & Lyle Walker


  4. kastawaykaty says:

    Landy … Thoughts & prayers going out to you & George. “Take Care” – We will be thinking of you! Our blessings, Katy & Lyle Walker


  5. ken offenther says:

    George is one of the most colorful and humorous people in shuffleboard–his supportive work for the fsa in many functions is greatly underappreciated .I will say a prayer for his recovery- we need him!


  6. Maureen Bryan says:

    Sending best wishes George for a speedy recovery, from Canada, Maureen and Bill Bryan.


  7. Bill Hoyer says:

    We are praying for a fast recovery. We need you back in shuffleboard.
    Bill and Barbara Hoyer


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