The fifth tournament of the season was a Draw Dbls., June 24-25, directed by Paul Stroup with 16 teams competing. The results were:

Main: 1st-Doris Hanke/Phil Insinga; 2nd-Pat Knapp/Harold Thorne; 3rd-Ben Jerome/Warren King; 4th-Sandi Quinn/Asa Lett

Consolation: 1st-Jay Fitzpatrick/Stan Quinn; 2nd-Sue Insinga/Marvin Thigpen; 3rd-Lynda King/Jeff Luneau; 4th-Sandie Morton/Wally Thyssen

          More teams this week made for an even chart w/no byes or waits. Some problems w/the computer tournament program, but otherwise it was a smoothly-run two days. There are over 40 of us looking forward to stuffing our faces this evening at our first Pot Luck! Next week will be busy w/the first Club Championship Singles Mon./Tues. and the first Club Championhip Dbls. Wed./Thurs. There will be no shuffling on Fri., the 4th. Everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July!!

        God Bless & Happy Shuffling, Sandi

Posted by Stan McCormack: 2014 06 26 14:45 Alaska Time.

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