Shuffleboard “101” No 7: Simply Fun Shuffleboard!!




OK: We have determined (and remembered) the Drift of the Court! >> See No. 5.

We know that we are going to shoot from one of two positions, AND MOST FREQUENTLY from one of these, THAT BEING “The inside Front Corner of the Starting Area”.

THE FORMAL GAME IS NOW GOING TO BEGIN! You are Shooting Yellow from the HEAD.

Pause for a minute: If you shoot a disc right on to the Court > Guess What? Your opponent will shoot it off >> and remember if this continues >> HE/SHE has the Hammer (last shot) and he/she will score a 7 or 8. Accordingly, a Guard Shot is indicated  See the title, top of page. Depending on what you have learned, and will learn about the court drift, one of these will work better than the other.

Tampa: A Tampa is placed adjacent the point > Disc will (hopefully) touching the point > with most of the disc slightly to the right of the point. Your opponent will probably CLEAR the Tampa > but remember he/she may miss OR his/her disc may STICK. Should your opponent successfully clear your Tampa, put up another!! If either of these happens, misses or sticks, your job is to shoot your disc in behind the Tampa Guard!! This shot, the shot to place a disc behind your Tampa; will be from “The Outside Front Corner of the Starting Area”

You were 1st out; you are shooting Yellow; You DO NOT Have the Hammer!! Let’s say that your shot to get in behind your Tampa is successful!! You now have a disc scoring, a disc guarded!

Guard it, then double-guard it. Don’t be greedy. Remember, your opponent should win this end by one disc. If you tie it, you have taken away his hammer.

  • If you score one, it’s actually 14 points in your favour. What a great start to the Game! > Stan McC. 2014 07 09. 




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