More on Canadian Money!! We give you the “Toonie”!

Toonie_-_front[1]In the most recent article, we told you about the LOONIE which is the one dollar coin in Canada. Almost 10 years after the introduction of the LOONIE, Canada replaced its $2.00 (paper) bills with a bimetallic coin we nick named the TOONIE!! The outside portion of the TOONIE is made of nickel and the inner portion copper (neither 100% pure of course).

Have a close look at our TOONIE; you will notice on one side a Polar Bear crossing an ice flow, a scene intended to remind us of our geographic diversity. The word TOONIE was a contraction of the words “two” and “loonie”, get it, two loonies = a TOONIE!! Hey folks!! We have fun with our money >> and we hope that you will too!!

Stan McCormack 2014 07 17 22:20

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