Shuffleboard “101”, No 11. WINNING STRATEGIES



101 gen advice 2You quickly realize after playing a few games that there is a lot to learn in order to seriously compete with an experienced opponent. Often, there is more than one good strategy for a given situation, so my suggestions are not written in stone. However; they will improve your chances of success in most cases.


A scoring disc is useless unless it is hidden! That is why your first shot should normally be to the St. Pete or Tampa position. It will then act as a guard for your next shot.

1) Early in the game you will find that a St. Pete is more forgiving of a placement error than a Tampa.

2) The primary determining factor as to as to whether to use a Tampa or a St Pete will be the drift of the Court!! Capitalize on that which you know!!

  FIRST SHOT – BLACK (second shot of the first frame)

1) Against opponent’s St. Pete, put in a choke block ­hopefully, into the high “8” position. Not being out in front is better when you have the hammer. Try to keep the front clear for your last shot.

2) Against a Tampa, hit and roll out yourself – it is a bonus if you can hit it just right of center so you roll to your St. Pete position!

Note:Unlike dealing with a St. Pete, placing a choke block to the right of a Tampa can easily backfire, because of the danger of a short bump.

Yellow’s misplaced opener may set up a hide. Use it.

Stan McCormack.  2014 07 17

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2 Responses to Shuffleboard “101”, No 11. WINNING STRATEGIES

  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Help clear up a point of confusion. In an earlier post you advised shooting from the far inside position (1) or the far outside position (4) only, varying that only to overcome court drift. However, in the post you advocate shooting from the center over to point to get behind a St. Pete. That seems inconsistent to me.

    Glenn Monroe

    “Not all those who wander are lost.”
    J.R.R. Tolkien



    • stanistheman says:

      Glenn: I am oh so glad you commented! Thanks! I am in total agreement. It is INCONSISTENT; I will stick with shooting ONLY from “two places”, inside 1, or far outside > 4. I will look into what I have written and either adjust OR offer an explanation.
      Once again Glenn, My thanks. Stan


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