Words And Phrases You May Hear In Canada!!


Canadians pay their HYDRO bill; not their Power Bill nor their Electric bill!! If their lights go out in a storm, it is neither the Power that failed nor the Electricity, it is the HYDRO!!

The first large scale production of electricity in Canada was from harnessing water as it flowed over the Falls at Niagara. The Company formed to distribute the water generated electricity was the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario ~~ thus the introduction of the word Hydro to identify electricity produced by water power. The term stuck and in Canada whether or not the electricity comes from an atomic power plant, a coal generated** plant or from water ~~ for Canucks it is all HYDRO!!

**Just found out, by checking on line, that Ontario NO LONGER generates any electricity using goal!! 

I believe hydro has a Greek origin coming from the Greek word hudro meaning water.

Stan McCormack: 2014 07 19

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3 Responses to Words And Phrases You May Hear In Canada!!

  1. Glenna Earle says:

    Just a little note from eastern Canada: we still pay our Power Bill and the company who maintains our power is called…..Nova Scotia Power!!! Also New Brunswick Power, and I have not researched the others but could the hydro designation be Ontario only???Couldn’t resist ….Sorry Stan.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Don’t be sorry Glenna! Comments always appreciated >> especially from the East Coast!!
    Point well taken!! Thanks!! Stan


  3. Doug and Pat says:

    Agree with Glenna …..Nova Scotia Power …..always has been …..makes sense because water power is only way of generating electric power …..Ontario will catch up (chuckle). ….regards and
    enjoy reading your…..”The Celebration Is Over ………” Doug and Pat


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