MEDICARE is publicly funded universal health care.

Tommy DouglasEvery Canadian citizen carries a Health Card which entitles the bearer to free medical care for almost all procedures. Medicare began in the Province of Saskatchewan in 1962 under the leadership of Premier Tommy Douglas. pic to left.   In 1967 Medicare was extended across Canada. Canadians hold Medicare in high regard and with great respect, so much so that in a recent National TV series to identify our Greatest Canadian, the Father of Medicare, Tommy Douglas was declared the winner!! Patients are free to choose their own doctor, hospital, etc. Health institutions are either private and non-profit or provincially run. Most doctors are in private practice as entrepreneurs and bill the Medicare system for their fees. Private, for profit, health care systems are forbidden by law.  It is oh so nice to enter the hospital or visit your Doctor, knowing  that you will never receive a bill!!  The biggest bill Canadians have to pay with regard to visiting their Doctor OR the Hospital, is the bill you get for parking your car!!  I kid you not > and most of us complain about that!!  Equally gratifying is that you are not “hounded” by those parasites who pretend to insure you!!  You leave the hospital, they might shake your hand, and you hear NO MORE FROM THEM, NOTHING, nor ANY INSURANCE COMPANY!!

So Fellow Shufflers, smile when you pay the 15% tax bill which will appear on your hotel bill!!  You are helping your fellow Canadian Shufflers!!  (As you no doubt know, there is a way to get that 15% back when you leave Canada!)

Our doctors do have a salary cap imposed by the Government but we never hear a lot of complaining, nor do many flee the country for warmer clims > sort of thing.

Medicare, along with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and Peacekeeping are 3 of the most defining characteristics of Canada!! (If we have time, we will talk about both)

Stan McCormack.  2014 07 19.

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