Jack bennyThat was in 1932 on Benny’s very first professional show that he uttered: “Drink Canada Dry is a Slogan, Not a Command!!  

However; CANADA DRY was already a widely consumed and well known product. John McLaughlin, a graduate of the University of Toronto, unveiled CANADA DRY in 1904 and revolutionized the marketing of carbonated beverages. Prohibition figured in the success of CANADA DRY ~~ (no, I am not making this up) Canada Dry’s popularity soared during prohibition as the sweet brown product masked the odor of some of the foul tasting hooch that was everywhere during prohibition. Today, Canada Dry is owned by Cadbury-Schweppes, but the ginger ale bottles often bear a map of Canada as part of the beverage’s logo. While in Midland, ON, you simply must request a “Rye and Ginger” or “A Whisky and Ginger”!! In fact if I am at the Bar, you can buy me one too!!

I have to digress just for a paragraph ~~ my apologies. In doing my research I find that John McLaughlin was a brother of R.S. (COLONEL SAM) McLaughlin, Chairman of the Board of General Motors of Canada until his death. It was SAM who took his father’s Wagon Factory in Oshawa, ON, at the time, the largest such business in the British Empire, and turned it into GM of Canada. I grew up in Oshawa, worked in GM for a short period and lived within a few km of the original McLaughlin family home just east of Oshawa in the village of Tyrone. I did have the opportunity to meet SAM circa 1951.

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2014 07 21.

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