We Receive Results From Moose Jaw, SK

Milly Molloy Sends Along the Results From Moose Jaw!!  

A great success, and the biggest number of shufflers since 2009.    Shufflers from British Columbia, Alberta, Sask., Manitoba, and the USA.  Attached are the winners and the Mayor at the opening ceremonies.

Of course the sisters lead the singing of  Oh Canada, and Shirley Gould gave the opening prayer.  President Al Rathgeber directed the ceremony, and the major pushed the opening disk right into the kitchen.

1st event:  1st:  Howard Dugan – Alberta,  2nd:  Bob Beddow – Alberta,  3rd:  Doug Cowling – Sask,  4th:  Rick Schultz (my brother)- Sask.

2nd event:  1st:  Bob Lockwood – Sask.,  2nd:  Stuart Anderson – Sask.,  3rd:  Shirley Tucker (my sister) – Alberta,  4th:  Richard Meckler – Sask.

3rd event:  1st:  Jerrold Delahey – Sask.,  2nd:  Frank Stokowski – Alberta,  3rd:  Jane McWillie (my sister) – Alberta,  4th: Elaine Meckler – Sask.

4th event:  1st:  Marie Empy – Alberta,  2nd:  Pat Rathgeber – Sask.,  3rd:  Karen Beddow – Alberta,  4th:  Arnold Empy – Alberta

Trophy winner – 1st event winner:  Howard Dugan – Alberta

Looks like a tie between Alberta and Sask..  Should of had a play off between the provinces.

Stan: Thanks for all your help, the advertising and the posting on the net and the posting you have yet to do.  If you need anything else on this let me know.  I am home for two weeks and then off to Alberta for the team shuffleboard tournament……………………Milly (Molloy)  Click here for Slide Show > sort of?? I am sending this from McDonalds, and cannot turn. http://photopeach.com/album/pj10di

Stan 2014 07 21.

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