An international flair to Ontario shuffleboard

Parry Sound North Star 22 hours ago  Sarah Bissonette: Sent along by Bob Weber.

McDOUGALL TWP. – The McDougall Recreation Centre hosted players from across the province for a shuffleboard tournament this week.
On Wednesday 74 players played in the second day of the Ontario Shuffleboard Association sanctioned event, hosted by the Nobel Shuffleboard League. By participating, players earn points toward induction to the Ontario Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.
International play
Among those playing was a Florida hall of famer and local players headed to the International Shuffleboard Association championship in Midland next month.
Ilse Wendland, Dick Lubbelinkhof, and Peter and Erica Berg are all bound for the next level of play on August 11 -15.
Peter is a professional shuffleboard player and has represented Canada about five times in international play over the last eight years.
He said the most important part of being on Team Canada is being a good ambassador for the country.
“It’s like a homecoming,” he said of reuniting with players from all over.
The play, he said, is competitive, but in a friendly atmosphere.
If a country wants representation at the tournament, but can’t put together a team, then Canadians can play on their behalf.
Born in Holland, Lubbelinkhof, an amateur player, is on Team Holland, although he stresses he’s a proud Canadian. He represents Holland, he said, out of a strong desire to play the game. He’s also no stranger to international play, most recently competing in Florida. Wendland is also an amateur who’ll play for another country.
“Being of German background myself, I’m playing for Germany,” she said. “They called me because somebody said they knew somebody and because I’ve been shuffling quite a while.”
Other countries with players or Canadian representatives at the international tournament next month include Brazil, Japan, Australia, England and Russia.
“It’s a sport for any age group, anyone can play – not just seniors,” said Peter.

Thanks so much to Bob Weber for sending along this material!!! 

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