A Part of our Culture!! A Part of our History!!

LCBO ~~ signs, signs, everywhere signs!! Liquor Control Board of Ontario!!

Generally speaking in ONTARIO, wine and spirits are sold only in LCBOs, Liquor Control Board Outlets. Beer is sold by Breweries Retail Outlets.

The limiting of sales outlets for alcohol is a hang over from the days of Prohibition ~~ an attempt by Provincial Governments across Canada (to eliminate the consumption of alcohol!!) Prohibition ended in Ontario in 1927. It had been in place for 11 years and while it created a small number of very rich citizens, it was a failure. Will we never learn??

The LCBO was created by the Province of Ontario in 1927 for the purpose of controlling the sale, transportation and delivery of alcoholic beverages ~~ and it continues to this day.  The LCBO had sales of 4.7 Billion dollars in 2011-12.   It was not until 1997 that consumers were permitted to buy alcohol on Sunday in Ontario.

Don’t worry shufflers; the “control” is primarily a method of generating revenue for the province. All hotels, restaurants, ~~ just about everywhere except McDonalds, will be pleased to serve you anything you would like to drink.

Enjoy your stay and be sure and take the time to drop into an LCBO ~~ check out the brands and prices of your favourite German, Australian, American or Canadian Wines!! The LCBO does a credible job!! HAVE FUN IN MIDLAND!!

Stan McCormack.  2014 07 23.

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