tim hortonTim Horton established his legend while playing hockey but his legacy has been established by the TIM HORTON chain of Coffee and Donut Outlets!! Horton was born in Northern Ontario, played hockey in Sudbury and for several professional NHL hockey teams until the time of his death in 1974. As of 2014, in addition to over 3,000 locations in Canada, there are over 556 Tim Hortons Doughnut Shops in the United States, and they can be found in Michigan, Ohio, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, and other American states, mainly in the Northeast and the Great Lakes region. There was also a Tim Hortons on the Kandahar Canadian Military base in Afghanistan until late 2011. There are also a number of Tim Hortons in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In November 2011, Tim Hortons opened up the first of several locations in the UAE, in Abu Dhabi at Mushrif Mall.

WHAT DRIVES CANADIANS TO DRINK the Horton Coffee? Cars will enter the drive through line when it already has a dozen cars waiting!!! If you decide to go into the store you will be faced with a similar wait!!! Most times, in close proximity will be another Coffee Outlet with minimal or no waiting time ~~ the traffic heads direct to Tim’s!! 

Commuters will plan their trip to work to be certain of being able to pick up a “Double Double” at Tim Hortons!! Tim Horton commands 62% of the coffee market with Starbucks at 7% (source; Wikipedia). The term “Double Double” ~ two cream and two sugar, has made its way into the official Canadian dictionary.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE A TIM HORTON COFFEE WHILE IN MIDLAND!! Follow the Canadian players in the morning and you will find yourself in line at TIM HORTONS!!  

Here is an Encore Tim Horton original that we ran first in 2004. (reference therefore is 2004)  True Story! Less than 1 year ago as a middle age man was waiting in the line-up for coffee at “Tim Hortons” (common practice for most customers); he leaned back to stretch as he relaxed in line. A middle age female, also waiting in line, mistook the “stretch” for a wave and being polite, waved back. After she received her coffee at the window, she pulled over to find out who had waved at her. The male, thinking indeed that he must know the female, since she pulled over and stopped, also pulled over to see who had waved. It turned out that neither had ever met before. Six months later they were married. After their marriage, they shared their story with the Management of “TIMS”!! Tim Horton will celebrate their anniversary this spring. To celebrate what can and does happen at Tim Hortons, the picture of that couple will appear on take out coffee cups; take out donut bags and boxes, and anything else possible!!”

For those wanting more info on Tim Horton as Hockey Player and/or Coffee Legend, click here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Horton

Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER 2014 07 26.             

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