From “Down Under” by Ian Reiher: Patron’s Medal Tournament.

Patron's Medal Tournament AU
The seated members are the winners!

The background folk are many of 
the contestants.

The seated person’s from left to right are :-

– Maureen Lawrie – Silver Medal Ladies’ Division
– Shirley Korevaar – Gold Medal Ladies’ Division
– Karen Andrews MP Federal Member for McPherson ( our local member of 
the Australian Federal Parliament and the Patron of our Association)
– Lou Giovine – Gold Medal Men’s Division
– Ian ( Fluffy ) Wiltshire – Silver Medal Men’s Division
– John Korevaar – Bronze Medal Men’s Division

The Ladies Division Bronze Medal winner is Pauline Hoare who was 
unavailable for the photograph as she was on her way to Midland via 

Shirley Korevaar, Maureen Lawrie and Pauline Hoare will be playing in
the Australian Ladies Team and John Korevaar will be representing
Australia in the Men’s United Nation’s Team at the 33rd ISA  World
Tournament at Midland in August.

Regards    Ian

Stan McCormack 2014 07 28.

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1 Response to From “Down Under” by Ian Reiher: Patron’s Medal Tournament.

  1. Glenna Earle says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. You all look so fine in your green uniforms! Well done all!!!


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