Gary Pipher’s posting of August 16th, 2007 from Our Archives!

Stan writes on 2014 07 29: This article by Gary (Pipher) and the article by Earl (Ball) are different, but both tell the story of the enjoyment, the satisfaction, that so many of us experience as a result of our various roles in Shuffleboard!!   Gary’s involvement for this the 33rd ISA has increased 10 fold by reason of his role as Event Organizer.  He will however; along with wife Barbara, take time to once again attend Captain Robert’s Table *** and also the Live Theatre where this year we will be treated to Twist and Shout!!   Just maybe if Jim Bailey reads this, he and Ninfa will drive up!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGary writes on 2007 08 16:  The comments we hear each day from the shufflers taking part in the International Shuffleboard Competition in Midland Ontario are best described by one word “WOW “. The facilities are fantastic, the food has been great and the fellowship that has been created is everlasting.

It’s been my pleasure to work with the CNSA organizing committee to get this tournament rolling and off the ground and now we are enjoying the satisfaction of seeing everyone having one of their best International Tournaments ever. 

It reminds me of a comment that was made by Roy Norman that goes something like this. “It takes a lot of work to get an airplane off the ground and flying, but once its in the air it all seems to go well” and the same can be said for this tournament.

Although in every game their must be winners and losers, everyone who takes part in this tournament, be it a player or worker will come home a winner. 

A winner because of the friendship that has been created and this has been going on for many years.

 My wife and I very new to this game of shuffleboard, but we can honestly say that the new friends we have developed and enjoy being with all because of this game shuffleboard are forever.

*** After the wonderful dinner at Captain Roberts Table in Penetangushene several of the Players with their wives / husbands and friends attended the Theater on the Warf and saw the Buddy Holley Storey.

If ever there was an era of music that our shuffler friends can relate to and enjoy “it’s the music such as Buddy Holley’s” that brings them to their feet.

There was almost two rows of seating in the theater occupied by the shuffleboard people and to say everyone enjoyed the performance would be an understatement. 

Jim Allen and Beth were sitting in the row behind me and when  I turned around and saw them bopping and keeping time to the music I knew they were enjoying the show. 

I thought for a while that Jim Bailey was going to steal the show when he shouted out “Go Buddy Go” during a scene where Buddy was kissing his girlfriend. 

The audience erupted into a loud roar of applause and Buddy and his kissing girlfriend lost their concentration all because of Jim’s timely and appropriate comment. 

 We who heard Jim can only say that some day when the pressure is on and Jim is shooting that all important shot  we are going to stand and say “Go Jim Go” .

It was all in good fun and that’s what memories are made of.  

No one was more surprised than me when during the intermission; Dieter Hussmann of the German Shuffleboard Team presented me with a friendship banner for our Coldwater Shuffleboard Club. 

It is this type of camaraderie that makes it all worth while.  And it’s because of people like Dieter and his wife Birgitt that make it all worthwhile.

There are still three full days of activity left at this tournament and it will be difficult to top the first three.

Congratulations to everyone who has taken part; from the scorekeepers to the organizers and the tournament directors, and a specially thank you to my friend and co-worker “Shitead”.

Gary Pipher 2007 08 16.  

Posted by Stan 2014 07 29:  To read more about Gary, enter the word “Gary” into the search rectangle, and his search.


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