REPORT FROM CLEARWATER NOV 11, 2002. And in 2015 We Will Return to Clearwater!!

I repeat this article of 2002, from my archives because it demonstrates the SIGNIFICANCE, the HONOR, even PRIDE that Earl so clearly and forcefully expressed to me during the interview.  If he felt that way, each of the International Players has every reason to feel exactly the same way!!  I am sure they do!!  Stan writing on 2014 07 29 >> some 12 years after the original!!  

Stan in 2002: Earl Ball is a “new member” of the U.S. Team-but certainly notEarl good pic (2) a new member of the shuffling community. He is a former ardent golfer who has taken to shuffleboard in “a big way”!! He considers “shuffleboard to be a very competitive sport–compared to golf”. Earl has collected too many accolades to list at this time. We know that he will be an asset to the American Team!!

In an interview with me Earl states: “To be selected to play in the International as a member of the USA Team is the highlight of my Shuffleboard career. Like anyone else I want to win, but I’m most interested in being part of a great event–win or lose. Zephyrhills is thrilled to have me representing them. Our Representative to Congress has supplied mementos to be given as gifts to the players I compete against. The support of my family has been terrific. In fact, my son has just flown in from Michigan to watch me play in these games. It makes me very proud. I look forward to enjoying this event with my shuffleboard friends from around the world.

We know that Earl will make his presence felt in this, his first opportunity to compete for his country–it will not be his last we suggest!! Thank you Earl for sharing your thoughts with us.

Stan McCormack of The Shuffler.  2014 07 29:  NOTE: I am going to immediately follow this posting with a posting by Gary Pipher.   Both tell the story of the enjoyment, the satisfaction, that so many of us experience as a result of our various roles in Shuffleboard!!   Check it out!  Enter “Gary” into the search rectangle and hit search. 

If you wish to read a bit more about Earl, enter the words Earl Ball into the search rectangle and hit search.   


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