The Very First ISA Event Held in Canada, Was In Lindsay, ON.

Frank Willson CNSA Pres. 1990Frank Willson of Lindsay has a distinguished association with the Sport of Floor Shuffleboard. Frank was the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association (CNSA) President from 1987 to 1992 and during this period he convinced the International Shuffleboard Organization to hold their very first International Event in Canada. The event was held in the Lindsay Recreation Complex (Aug of 1990) and the Canadian Teams, Men and Women, were declared Champions at the end of the week long event.

During a special celebration and banquet earlier this year, (2006) Frank was honoured by fellow shufflers. He was one of Five Past Presidents inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame. The presentation was held in the Blackstock Recreation Complex where the Scugog Shuffleboard Club meets every Wednesday during the summer months.

Article (above) appeared in the Lindsay Post in July of 2006.   To read more about Frank Willson, enter the words “Frank Willson” into the search rectangle and hit search.

Click to read about honouring all CNSA Past Presidents :  (Slide Show also available from the link above)

Stan McCormack, 2014 07 31.

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