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Canadian eh?? Words And Phrases You May Hear ONLY In Canada!!

There is not another word which so clearly identifies its user as being Canadian as the word EH? Many Canadians use it at the end of a sentence ~~ almost every sentence for some people eh. Its use turns the … Continue reading

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Count Your Blessings!! Gus and Marie Sure Are!!

Thursday, July 10th at around 12:00 noon, while traveling north on Route 81 to see our sick friend John Brennan, a women on a cell phone pushed us off the road. Marie was driving and I saw her coming and knew she … Continue reading

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SHUFFLEBOARD “101″ No 9: Simply Fun Shuffleboard.

  NOW LET US EXAMINE SITUATION WHEN YOU HAVE THE HAMMER! “The Hammer Shot Is Crucial” Win It AND You Win The Game!!It is too often an OPPORTUNITY MISSED!!!! If the choice on your last shot is to go after … Continue reading

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Jerry Deren Sends Battle Creek, MI Results!!

The winners of the Todd Lassen Draw Doubles Tournament held at Bailey Park on Thursday, July 10, 2014, follow:  MAIN EVENT:  1st:  Marjorie Braniff and Dennis Anderson 2nd:  Ken Worden and Jerry Deren 3rd:  Larry Roan and Don Casselman 4th:  Carl … Continue reading

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The eighth tournament of the season, 7/6-7, was a Draw Dbls. with 15 teams competing. The results were: Main – 1st Sharon Upson/Charlie Adams, 2nd Cathy Lawson/Warren King, 3rd Carol May/Jay Fitzpatrick, 4th Dorie Baker/Al Buffum Con – 1st Sue … Continue reading

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SHUFFLEBOARD “101” No 8: Simply Fun Shuffleboard.

General Advice When You Do Not Have The Hammer! NOTE: I have titled this Session General Advice! The specific advice given in A7 applies. Once you get a disc scoring, GUARD IT AND DOUBLE GUARD IT! Leave your opponent with … Continue reading

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In 1 Month, The 33rd ISA World Championship Will Begin!!

Hard to believe just how quickly time moves forward!!  For those of us going to compete in Midland, the next month will not just move forward, it will fly by!! Click on pic to see the advert hanging proudly over … Continue reading

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Coldwater, ON Has Young German Shufflers Visit!!

Dietmar Lintner, (on the right) a regular shuffler at the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club had two young German visitors AND, very appropriately,  brought them to shuffle on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014. More of us should do just that!!  They both seemed to … Continue reading

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Facebook; Blogs; And The Wonder of the Computer!!

EXPLAINING THE TITLE: On or about July 1st, 2013, Japanese Shuffler Mr. Jiro Chiba left me a happy birthday greeting on facebook. In fact, July 1st is Canada’s birthday and Mr. Chiba had somehow got my birthday, mixed up with Canada’s!!   I … Continue reading

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33rd ISA Rapicly Approaching! We are Happy to be in Midland!!

The Sign Above is now hanging over the entrance to the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre for all to see!!  Our sincere thanks to the Town of Midland, and in particular the Management and Staff of the Sports and Recreation … Continue reading

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