33rd ISA: We Give You the Men’s Silver Medalists, UN Team 2:



From left to right: Bill Lemay, Canada; John Korevaar, Australia; John Holder, Canada; Bob Smith, USA; Phil Cavallo, USA; and Team Captain Jonathan Schnapp.

For the very first time since the launch of the UN Team concept, we have a UN Team placing 2nd and therefore receiving the Silver Medal!!  I was going to add that we are “happy that this has happened” >> but NO ONE COULD BE HAPPIER than the recipients of the Silver Medal!!  John Korevaar, 2nd from left, representing Australia, was so elated that he announced he would be wearing his medal home!!!  Others were equally moved, none more so  than Team Captain Jonathan Schnapp, extreme right, who will undoubtedly display his medal, AND STORY, at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in New York!!

Congratulations to each for their significant achievement!! FROM ALL OF US.

Remember, if you want to locate all stories with regard to the 33rd ISA, simply enter “33rd ISA” into the search rectangle, (top right) and hit search.   Next posting I will give you another slide show.

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 17 08:10

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