33rd ISA: Message From the JNSA President, Kazunari Hatanaka.

JPN Kazunari HatanakaEach National President was requested to send along a one page message to be included in Memories of Midland, the booklet distributed during the 33rd ISA in Midland.  I am now going to give you the message from Japan’s President, Kazunari Hatanaka.   Kazunari was  not present in Midland but he was a great help to me in ensuring I had adequate information to assemble Japan’s part of Memories of Midland.  Some of you no doubt remember Kazunari from the 32nd (St Petersburg) Event. Thank You Kazunari for the comprehensive report.   Stan McCormack.

Japan National Shuffleboard Association 

We are honored to have two teams to represent Japan at the 33rd International Shuffleboard Championships in Midland as a member country.

In 1975, Mr. Hikotaro Tagawa visited the Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg, Florida and had a thought that Shuffleboard would be an ideal sport for Japanese people to spend their leisure time. He later visited America to meet Mr. Herbert Smock, Mr. William Jonson and Mr. Ray Mosley to discuss about introducing shuffleboard to Japan.

In March 1979, Mr. Hikotaro Tagawa and Mr. Yoshio Kosai founded Japan National Shuffleboard Association (JNSA), and immediately afterwards Mr. Satoru Ohkubo visited St. Petersburg. This was the beginning of ISA, when the first directors were chosen. He also met Mr. Sam Allen to discuss about necessary instruments for playing in Japan.

In January 1980, it was decided at the 1st ISA meeting that the 1st ISA Tournament was to be held in June 1981 in Muskegon, Michigan.

Two courts then were made on the roof of a building in Nihonbashi, Tokyo where players were trained, and thirty members including directors joined the tournament.

On February 19, 1981, ISA issued a certificate to JNSA to approve that it is the representative organization of Japan. Since then, JNSA has joined all the ISA Tournaments.

In 1988, Japan’s first full-scale courts were constructed in Yokohama, where the 8th ISA Tournament was held. Later in 1993, more full-scale courts were constructed in Tokyo, and 1n 1999 the 19th ISA Tournament was held again in Yokohama.

In 2001, Tokyo Shuffleboard Association (TSA in Tokyo) was established and joined JNSA, while in 2008 Forest Tsuduki Shuffleboard Club (FTSC in Yokohama) was established and also joined JNSA.

That year, JNSA was organizationally restructured to consist of the two bodies, TSA and FTSC.

It is a delightful Memory that the Women Team won its first championship at the Australia Tournament in the same year.

1n January 2009, JNSA commemorated the 30st anniversary of its foundation by holding a memorial event and a celebration with attendance of dear former members.

Today, JNSA hosts and folds three singles tournaments and two team tournaments (TSA vs. FTSC) as its national tournaments each year, and publishes a yearly newsletter ”HAPPY SHUFFLING”. Although both of our court sites are outdoor and sometimes affected by rain and wind, members enjoy playing and competing in the games.

This April, Ms.Yoshiko Suzuki resigned from JNSA President and passed the baton to me. She worked hard and made greater contribution to JNSA and ISA for 6 years. I also would like to work for JNSA and ISA like her. 

Kazunari Hatanaka,  JNSA President

You may wish to read the article posted at the time of the announcement that Yoshiko was leaving Office:  https://theshuffler.net/2014/04/08/a-big-thank-you-to-yoshiko-as-she-leaves-the-office-of-president-of-the-japanese-shuffleboard-assn-jnsa/

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 25.

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