33rd ISA: We give you some pix of the Japanese Team!!

IMG_4093 Japan all (Great pix)IMG_3617IMG_3766

The Japanese Team demonstrate the finest of team spirit wherever we take their picture.  Pictured at the top is their table at the Awards Banquet on Friday evening, 2014 08 15.

The next photo was taken during the MeetNgreet, 2014 08 10,  and it is quite evident they are enjoying themselves!!   

The bottom photo was taken at our Corn Roast on Monday evening > 2014 08 11.  And some of us thought the Japanese people did not like corn???  Just goes to show you how wrong we can be??  lol  Great pix “guys” and “gals”!!

The Japanese have been following the BLOG in record numbers!!  I receive a daily count and for the last few days, Japanese hits have about equaled those from the USA!!! A FIRST AND MOST UNUSUAL!!  Thanks Japan!!

This posting will be the 98th I have made with respect to the 33rd ISA. THE VERY BEST WAY TO review, and to read those of interest, is to click on “August 2014 beneath the word Archives > and then scroll down. 

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 28.




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1 Response to 33rd ISA: We give you some pix of the Japanese Team!!

  1. Dorothy and Art Healy. Brockville, On. says:

    A job well done Stan. Between you, Gary and others we the unattended audience have been able to follow the 33rd ISA World Championship. Thanks to all. Dorothy and Art Healy Brockville, On.


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