Midland Shuffleboard Club Travels to Coldwater to Shuffle!!

CNSA LOGO NEW BY GARY 2013 09 10After getting to know some of the members of the Midland shuffleboard club, all the result of the International Tournament recently held in their home town.
Word about the International Tournament became known to many of the Midland players through the local news papers TV and Radio , otherwise they may never have known it was all being held in their home town.
As we all know its very difficult to get the word out  to everyone, specially to the many seniors who play shuffleboard and do not have or use a computer.
As a result of the contact made at the International the Midland Club were invited to an inter club challenge on Tue in Coldwater. They do not have a large club in Midland but they did manage to round close to a dozen keen players to travel down to Coldwater (a distance of 15 miles).  The players packed a brown bag lunch while Coldwater supplied the beverage and of course Tim Horton Donuts. President George O’Reilly says plans are already underway for inter club games for next year. George says he would also like to schedule a few games with the Wellington Center Club as well as the Nobel Club. With all the tournaments there are scheduled throughout Ontario for next year it should be a busy season.  George also announced the last day of summer shuffle in Coldwater will be Sept 18.
At which time there will be the AGM and the very popular banquet catered to by “The Little Drummer Boy ” Larry Lalonde of ELM Catering. The banquet cost is being subsidized for the members by the Shuffleboard Club.
There are discussions by the Curling Club management ( and at this time only discussions) they might paint the floor of the Arena White to reduce the need of adding white color to the ice for curling. It is always extra work to clean the floor when the ice melts away in the spring , and for that reason the Shuffleboard purchased a floor scrubbing machine with a grant from the Ont Govt.  If that should ever happen that they decide to paint the arena floor it will put an end to the Shuffleboard Club since their court lines are painted white and directly on the concrete surface. Only time will tell, and of course the Curling Arena could no longer be considered a recreational facility  if limited to winter activity only.

Submitted by Gary Pipher, Past President of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club.  2014 08 28.
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