33rd ISA: “Luv Those Caps Guys”!!! And a Great Slide Show near the end!!!

IMG_3988 Mattie & Bob Noble IMG_4008 Love the Cap Shuffler

One thing you can be sure of, IF YOU WEAR The IMG_4050 Trumpeter Bob with Cap!Shuffler Cap, Stan is going to give you maximum coverage!! 

On top we have Mattie and Bob Nobel who were visiting the 33rd.  Mattie was one of the first women to purchase a Shuffler Cap!!

On the left we have Ernie Lane, also visiting with us; wife Pat and Ernie attended both Banquets.  Pat and Ernie winter in AZ  and summer in Grand Bend, ON.  They are both heavily involved in AZ Shuffleboard; both were on the Organization Team for the 2007 ISA. 

And next we have “Trumpeter Bob Reid” (to the right, above) who was helping in conjunction withOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA his visit!!  Bob and Linda live in Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland, as do Lois and I.  My favourite pic of Bob is a shot of he and Glenna Earle (to your right) performing on a cruise we took on Canada’s First IP (Inter Provincial) Tournament held in Coldwater, ON in 2009.    We cruised on Georgian Bay.  What Great Performers!!  What Great Entertainment!!  Bob played Trumpet with some of Canada’s finest bands.

Shufflers; it is memories such as these that make Shuffleboard the Adventure that it is!!  Thanks Bob; Thanks Glenna!! It brought back so many happy memories for me that I am now going to give you a link to the Slide Show of the Performance on the Cruise!!  Merv, the band leader for our Monday (ISA) Corn Roast is on fiddle; Alan Pipher is on the harmonica; Alan also performed at the Corn Roast!!  Not to be overlooked is David Earle on guitar. You will see them all on the Slide Show!!!!  Now all I have to do is to select the right music. http://photopeach.com/album/ktrct5  

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 29.

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