Final Results of Canada 55 + Games in Alberta!!



Here are the medal winners. Thanks to Alan Hennigar and Glenna Earle, both of Nova Scotia, for sending along the Results on a Timely Basis!!  Alan competed; Glenna did not.

55+ division:
AB1  GOLD          Fowler/Goerz
QC  SILVER,        Demers/Martel
YT1  BRONZE.    Drummond/Knight

70+ division:
ON1  GOLD         Leslie/McConomy
MB1  SILVER,     Bassa/Bassa
MB2 SILVER.      Campbell/Hagborg

Here are the wins/losses of each team.

55+ division:
AB1  6W           Fowler/Goerz
QC  4W  2L      Demers/Martel
YT1  3W  3L     Drummond/Knight
AB3  3W  3L     Sel/Sel
NS  3W  3L,      Ellis/Hennigar
YT2  1W  5L.    Rushton/Tuck

70+ division:
ON1  8W  1L      Leslie/McConomy
MB1  7W  2L      Bassa/Bassa
MB2  7W  2L      Campbell/Hagborg
ON2  6W  3L      Skelding/Sopher
AB2  4W  5L      Conrad/Sievers
NB1  4W  5L      D.Breau/B.Breau
AB3  3W  6L      Gerlach/Gerlach
YT  3W  6L        Duncan/Morgan
AB1  2W  7L      Church/Jeffers
MB3  1W  8L.    Lindsay/Lindsay

A good time was had by all.  Alan Hennigar, Competitor from NS.

Congratulations to ALL PARTICIPANTS!!  Stan McCormack. 2014 08 30

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