F USA-NSA%20Logo5-Revised[1]These two tournaments were our annual NC State Singles, 8/25-26, and NC State Dbls., 8/28-29. The results were:

State Singles Men’s Main: 1st Charlie Adams, 2nd Bill Marshall, 3rd Richie Burrell, 4th Jay Fitzpatrick. Consolation: 1st Warren King, 2nd Stan Quinn, 3rd Dave Wenger, 4th Jeff Luneau.

State Singles Ladies’ Main: 1st Pat Knapp, 2nd Sandi Quinn, 3rd Lynda King, 4th Betty Loveland. Consolation: 1st Jan Thyssen, 2nd Alandra Schuurman, 3rd Carol Adams, 4th Sandie Morton. T.D. Wally Thyssen.

State Dbls. Men’s Main: 1st Jay Fitzpatrick/Dave Wenger, 2nd Richie Burrell/Stan Quinn, 3rd Joe Cote/Wally Thyssen, 4th Bob Andrews/Michael Luna. Consolation: 1st John Knapp/Bud Wilber, 2nd Phil Insinga/Asa Lett, 3rd Charlie Gleason/Bill Marshall, 4th Jeff Luneau/Harold Thorne.

State Dbls. Ladies’ Main: 1st Sue Insinga/Pat Knapp, 2nd Lynda King/Carol Lumsden, 3rd Carol Adams/Betty Loveland, 4th Sandi Quinn/Emma Searcy. Consolation: 1st Harriett Gleason/Sandie Morton, 2nd Dorie Baker/Jan Thyssen, 3rd Nancy Andrews/Joyce Smith, 4th (none). T.D. Paul Stroup.

            It was a busy week with beautiful weather. The Apple Festival is going on now and it’s beginning to look like Fall. Players are arriving for the 3 National tournaments next week. It was good to have Joyce & Bob Smith join us for the State Dbls. tournament, and it was so wonderful to have Emma Searcy back with us.

            Have a Great Labor Day Weeken, God Bless & Happy Shuffling, Sandi

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